The Microb-Defend Advantage

Microb-Defends effectiveness lies in its simplicity: Three herbs in oil, each with centuries of cultural and scientific success in resolving gut problems. This formula enhances your defenses against numerous strains of harmful organisms, while also supporting probiotic harmony. For additional support, Microb-Defend aids in moderating inflammation and soothing digestive complaints. It is also a perfect complement to Candid-X for addressing stubborn cases of yeast overgrowth. †

Restore your microbiome balance with the help of potent essential oils known to help relieve overgrowth of yeast and other microbes. †

  • Help deter harmful microbes with thyme, clove, and oregano oils in softgel capsules
  • Protect your system from yeast imbalance with herbs studied for their microbe balancing properties
  • Ease aches, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation by balancing inflammation and enhancing natural gut flora
  • Complement yeast balancing supplements like Candid-X, for maximum results

FAQ: Microb-Defend

Can I open the caps and spill the liquid into food or drink?

This is not recommended, The strength and flavor of the herbs can be intense, plus you want these oils entering the small intestine as intact as possible.

I am taking this product to deal with yeast overgrowth. Can I take it with Candid-X?

This combo is commonly taken by patients on a 30-60 day Candida treatment and can be very effective, but we suggest starting slowly, one product at a time, given the die-off effects that can be stimulated as dying yeast release toxins.